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Read and rock for mental health

Ever find yourself sitting at home wondering, gee, what could I possibly do on a Thursday night in October that could be both fun and uplifting while benefiting mental health efforts?  Circle October 10 on your calendar, because here’s something that’s sure to work just fine.  Join Jim Creeggan and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, [&hellip.. more

Amazon is getting into the high-definition business. Good.

For millions of people, the audio quality of MP3s and whatever Spotify and Apple Music serve up is good enough. They don’t mind the compression and the fact that these formats don’t contain all the information that was recorded in the studio. Fine. But then there are knobs like me, people who grew up trying [&hellip.. more

Why do musicians sell out?

What is “selling out?” In its purest form, it’s compromising your values, principles, and art in exchange for money. But the whole concept is a very grey area. This video helps explain what’s happening when your favourite artist enters that murky territory.. more

Random music news for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

One more day (possibly, hopefully) of erratic postings before things get back to a normal schedule. Here’s what I’ve found for September 18, 2019. Getting married? Why not engage Keith Buckley, the vocals for Every Time I Die. He’s now legally ordained and can do weddings. This documentary on New York indie/alternative from the end [&hellip.. more

Rock My World Canada, chapter 101: Hilotrons

[Mike Carr has created a catalogue/reference work featuring all kinds of Canadian rock and alternative releases from the past few decades. Check out his a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. – AC] Hilotrons are an indie pop [&hellip.. more

So where is Tool’s Fear Inoculum in its second week of release?

Fear Inoculum was the big album story of the release of August 30. When the smoke cleared, Tool had the #1 record in Canada, the US, and a whack of other countries around the world. Taylor Swift’s Lover got smoked, despite the best efforts of the Swifties. A nice victory for rock, for sure. But [&hellip.. more

A good read: Why vinyl, physical books, and glossy magazines will never go away.

Do you buy vinyl? Interested in reading an old-fashioned printed book? Flipping through a glossy magazine? Maybe (okay, definitely) not as much as you used to. And you’ve probably (okay, definitely) heard all kinds of pronouncements that these formats are dead, dead, DEAD. But maybe not entirely. Or ever. Check out this article from The [&hellip.. more

Now that a Canadian is in charge, HMV UK is about to get bigger.

The reason HMV still exists in the UK is because the financially-distressed chain was rescued by Doug Putnam, the head of Canada’s Sunrise Records. He enjoyed turning things around in this country so much (he bought up most of the HMV leases from coast-to-coast and turned then all into Sunrise Records location), that Doug believes [&hellip.. more

New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Sept. 17, 2019): S Y Z Y G Y X, The New Pornographers, Surf Curse, & More!

Artist: S Y Z Y G Y XSong: “Ultra Doll”Album: SingleBand location: Washington DC Why I like it: Dark and pulsating music. Watch: Artist: The New Pornographers Song: “One Kind of Solomon”Album: SingleBand location: Vancouver Why I like it: Fun and upbeat. Listen: Artist: Surf CurseSong: “Disco”Album: SingleBand location: Los Angeles, California  Why I like it: [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Again, apologies for any erratic posting schedules this week, but I’ll do my best to keep things on track. Here’s what’s going on for September 17, 2019. Weekly Canadian music sales and streaming stats vs. where things were at this time last year: Total album sales, -24.0%; CD sales, -28.5%; digital albums, -21.5%; digital tracks, [&hellip.. more

The Offspring is set to be the next band to perform inside a video game

A couple of weeks back, I moderated an EntertainmentTO panel on the subject of AR and VR. There was much enthusiasm in the room for how these technologies could be exploited for music. One of things we talk about was Marshmello’s insanely successful DJ set inside Fortnite. Some ten million people took part. We spoke [&hellip.. more

Haviah Mighty wins the 2019 Polaris Music Prize

A lot of people woke up today wondering who won the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. And when they saw the name of the winner, some may have gone “who?” Haviah Mighty, the rapper from Brampton, took home the big prize of $50,000 cash for her 13th Floor album. She beat out nine other shortlisted artists. [&hellip.. more

My interview with the one and only Noel Gallagher

Reclining on a couch backstage before a show in Toronto, Noel Gallagher looks relaxed, happy and content. Partly it’s because he’s feeling good about his beloved Manchester City doing well in this year’s Premier League (he tours with a club flag that’s hung first in the dressing room and then onstage) but mostly because he’s [&hellip.. more

We could use an IMDb for music. This company wants to build it.

Any movie and TV fan knows how invaluable the International Movie Database can be. Looking to cross-reference anyone or anything in those industries? Chances are the information is there. It’s fantastic. I’ve often thought it would be great to have something similar for music. Allmusic.com comes close but lacks the incredible granularity of the IMDb. [&hellip.. more

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