10 Good Songs for Bad Karaoke Singers

Having just returned from a trip to South Korea, a place where they love their karaoke (especially when mixed with soju, a vile but highly effective and cheap drunkalator), I wish I had read this article before I left.  It might have saved me some embarassment.

For some, karaoke is an art form; an opportunity to channel their inner songstress or rock ‘n’ roll star. But for those not blessed with strong pipes and pitch perfect voices, karaoke can be a humiliating ride on the public shame train.

However, it’s inevitable that at some point in your life, you will unwittingly find yourself in a karaoke bar facing the fierce peer pressure from your friends to get on stage and sing.

Rather than awkwardly kill the party with your stage fright, HuffPost Music Canada has come up with a list of close-to-surefire songs that, if ideally performed at that point in the evening when the audience is good and drunk, will earn you high fives from strangers as opposed to a reputation as a stick-in-the-mud.

So find some ‘liquid courage’ and grab that mic! Here’s 10 karaoke songs perfect for bad/novice/shy singers:

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Alan Cross

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