10 Rock-Themed Halloween Costumes

[Here’s your weekly list from Brent Chittenden.  Maybe there’s something you can add? – AC]

Halloween is coming and for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to keep the list Halloween themed mainly because this is my favorite time of the year. I love horror movies god and bad, I love costumes, I love trick or treating so what better way to start our Halloween Extravaganza with the Top Ten Rock n Roll Inspired Costumes Ideas.

10) KISS

An oldie but a goody, Kiss has a classic Halloween feel to them. And just look at how cute this kid is!

9) Thriller Michael Jackson

This idea can also double as Undead Michael Jackson so you kind of have two costumes in one.

8) The Blues Brothers

This has to be a team effort as you need two people to pull this off. Only works with a Jake and Elwood. [What about a Siamese twins Blues Brothers?  A conjoined twin?  That would be extra-creepy. – AC]

7) Rocky Horror Picture Show

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I do appreciate these characters and will love anyone who comes to my door dressed as them.  [Nothing says “cute” like a five year-old dressed as a sweet transvestite. Or an incestuous brother-siser team. – AC]

6) Rock N Roll Drummer

I saw this while searching on line for costume ideas. I love the fact that it’s a kit. Bonus points to whoever shows up at my door in this but dressed as Neil Peart.

5) Spinal Tap

The key here is to have at least three of you or honestly, no one will get the costume. Now if you can get a fourth guy with a large pile of wigs so he can be Tap’s multiple drummers, you’re really set.

4) Repo Man From Repo The Genetic Opera

If you’ve never seen Repo, well, you really should. I love this film and I’m surprised that I’ve only ever seen the Repo Man show up once at a Halloween party. It’s a great and fairly simple costume from an awesome horror rock opera.

3) Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse

Part Kiss, part David Lee Roth, this fan favorite character from the Metalocalypse cartoon is a solid costume even if other party goers have no idea who you are.

2) Stormtrooper Elvis

If you do not think this costume is awesome, we probably won’t be friends.


1) Zombie Bieber

I honestly don’t have a hatred for the Biebs but once I saw this costume I made a solemn vow. Any child that hits my house dress like this will get more candy than his friends.

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2 thoughts on “10 Rock-Themed Halloween Costumes

  • I swear that I thought I was the only one on the planet that had watched the original "Repo! The Genetic Opera". I loved that one … especially when you realize Paris Hilton is in it (type-cast!).

    In my opinion, the remake was awful when compared to original.

  • "Zom-Bieber." Incredible.


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