“10 Rules ALL Indie Bands Need to Start Following”

Some advice from Vanessa Markov writing for Medium:

It took me a long time to muster up the courage to write this, but some things need to be said and I’m willing to take the hit if it means somewhere down the road these words will mean something to anyone.

Before I get started, I want to send a message to every band that does make the below a priority to their business: You are gems, leaders, and examples. (Also, call me.)

Here goes…

Starting out working with bands and promoters nearly 7 years ago, I started noticing early on that a lot of artists think basic band and show etiquette is optional. Technically it is, but to the detriment of your soon to be nonexistent career. We all know or have heard of artists who are total dickbags that get away with murder because they’re “so good”. Using that as an excuse to follow suit makes you a weak minded asshole. There, I said it. Get off the stage.

The reason why I can hardly contain my frustration over this anymore is because I’ve been personally embarrassed one too many times by bands that I vouch for. I am at wit’s end when I put time and sincere effort into an artist only to later hear them screaming at the sound tech or talking shit about other bands (to name only a few of the horrible things I’ve had to apologize for over the years). Like most, I had to learn the hard way not to support or deal with people like these, but I also see some of these artists are more genuinely clueless as to the consequences of their behaviour than they are malicious, and that a lot of it stems from personal bad habits.

But regardless of whether you’re a jaded jerkoff trying to beat the system or an amateur with mild egomania, this article is intended to squash this shit before it’s too late; or, to those who are wondering why no one will book or play with you anymore, explain to you exactly why.

Keep reading. It’s hard to see this stuff in print, but it’s worth it.

Alan Cross

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