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3 Doors Down is Getting HAMMERED for Agreeing to Perform at the Trump Inauguration

Donald Trump is a bully. Then again, so are many of the people who oppose him. This standoff isn’t going to bring America any closer together or America closer with the rest of the world.

The situation with 3 Doors Down is a tiny example. Since they announced last Saturday that they had accepted an invitation to play the Trump inauguration, they’ve been hammered by criticism and threats. More than 6,000 people have commented/trolled/flamed the band.


  • Sad to hear that you guys support this racist, misogynistic, ignorant man. You should of played at the Women’s March instead.
  • To hell with trump and the “make america great again” bullshit you all believe…I like some songs of this band…but after this, I won’t listen to You again. I can’t believe you guys support this clown.
  • I have enjoyed three of your concerts here in Las Vegas in the past few years but won’t ever support you again. You have chosen to support a bigot, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist liar. I assume you therefore condone the same beliefs … I forgot, you’re from bigoted, racist Mississippi. Nevadans did not vote for Trump, so don’t bother coming back here again.
  • You guys are going to need a lot of Kryptonite to overcome the devastation by your fans from this bad decision!! Bye, bye to all the entertainers involved in this event. Gladly boycotting your music and concerts.
  • Hope your quick paycheck was worth it you fucking American Nickelback.

While the negative comments far outnumber the positive ones, they did get a few message of support.

  • I didn’t support trump but he’s our president now so it is what it is. That being said, I’m glad you guys are playing instead of pouting like babies and wearing safety pins.
  • I love you guys and so glad you are making history and Making America Great Again! Don’t let anyone get you guys down…your music is awesome and I’m proud you guys are doing the stand up thing and representing America. Love you guys!!!

If you have time, you can go through all the comments below. And here’s more on the entertainment situation for the inauguration.

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8 thoughts on “3 Doors Down is Getting HAMMERED for Agreeing to Perform at the Trump Inauguration

  • Best line ever “American Nickelback”

    • Funny coincidence that Nickelback’s drummer used to be in 3 Doors Down

  • 3 Doors Down is an awesome band and im proud of them for stepping up and being a part of Trumps big day, maybe if all you whiners would just get over the fact that America made its choice and the sooner we all accept that the better off we will ALL be. Give him a chance, he won fair and square.

  • Celebrate diversity of thought and be tolerant of ideas and traditions. It’s an honor to be invited to perform on the national stage. Looking forward to watching 3 Doors Down! Sick of the political hate stuff.

  • @MartyByrd, but Trump didn’t win fair and square as you say. He had his new buddy Putin pull strings behind the scenes. The election was tampered with, so we will never know what the result would have been in an honest election.

  • What goes around comes around. Trump is getting the same chance Obama got over the course of the last 8 years from Republicans. NONE!

  • Liked their music before and even more committed to them now. Standing up to bullies is hard and I am going to stand with them.

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