43 Years Later, There’s a Second Gunman Theory in the Assassination of John Lennon. No, really.

We all know that on the evening of Monday, December 8, Mark David Chapman walked up to John Lennon outside the Dakota apartments in New York and shot him several times in the back. Lennon died shortly after.

Chapman admitted to shooting Lennon. Witnesses say he shot Lennon. Yoko believes that Chapman killed her husband. Case closed, right? Actually, no.

David Whelan, a British author, has spent the last three years investigating Lennon’s murder. He’s come to the conclusion that someone other than Chapman may have killed Lennon. This theory will be laid out in an upcoming documentary.

In a book entitled Gimme Some Truth – The Assassination of John Lennon and its accompanying documentary, Whelan posits the following:

  • Doctors and nurses who treated Lennon in the ER believed that Lennon’s wounds were consistent with someone who was shot from the front, not in the back as reported. Chapman was behind Lennon when the bullets flew, so he couldn’t possible have shot him from the front.
  • Chapman was 25 feet away from Lennon. That may not sound like a long way, but Whelan asserts it’s far enough to be a challenge for an untrained gunman with a. 38 calibre snub-nosed pistol. Five shots rang out. Four hit the target.
  • The fact it was dark wouldn’t have helped, either. Yet the bullets entered Lennon’s body in a close grouping. Very professional, says Whelan.
  • The hollow-point bullets in Chapman’s gun should have cause much more tissue damage than was noted.
  • Ballistics may indicate the bullets came from different direction than reported.
  • Chapman was actually a sleeper agent brainwashed by the CIA to believe he was the killer. He became the pasty for a professional hit carried out by someone else.
  • Detectives and cops at the scene misunderstood and misinterpreted what happened. The autopsy was never released. The medical examiner in charge of the case had a controversial reputation.

Right. Okay. So many questions.

  • Why would the CIA or the Deep State want Lennon dead?
  • Wait: The theory says that Southern Christians or the US Military might have done the brainwashing. Seriously?
  • Why would they choose Chapman to be the pasty for the assassination?
  • Really? A Manchurian Candidate plot against a beloved musician?
  • What about all the times Chapman cased the Dakota before the night of the murder? Was that part of the plot?
  • Yes, Chapman had a “kill list” of other celebrities. And? What does that to do with a second gunman theory?
  • Where, exactly, was this second gunman positioned? Lennon’s back was to the street and he was following Yoko into the building. If she was in front, how could a second gunman shoot Lennon four times in the chest?
  • Chapman admitted to the murder and has apologized. Is that part of the brainwashing?
  • What about all the witness corroborations?

If you need to go down this tinfoil hat theory, start here and here.

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2 thoughts on “43 Years Later, There’s a Second Gunman Theory in the Assassination of John Lennon. No, really.

  • The word you are looking for is “patsy” not “pasty” although I’m sure Chapman was quite pasty.

  • There might actually be some truth to this? Why did the US government want Lennon dead you asked? Well he was anti war and against the Vietnam war. Lennon had a peace audience following as well he could influence a bunch of people into peace protests. As well he was a drug user back in a time where recreational drugs aren’t as accepted in today’s age. Believe they were wanting to deport him back to England.


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