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“5 Things I’ve Learned About Songwriting”

You might remember this song from 1998.

A fine song to be sure, but 99.98% of the general population can’t name another song by Semisonic.  Another one-hit wonder, right?  Well, maybe–but not if you take a look at what frontman Dan Wilson has done since.  Not only has he written hit songs for the Dixie Chicks (one of which nailed him a Grammy) but he also co-wrote and produced “Someone Like You” for Adele.  He’s feeling strangely fine, thank you.Dan published this blog at Inacoustic on five things he’s learned about songwriting.

When I was a very litle kid my parents too k me to swim lessons. On my first day, standing at the end of the diving board, waiting to jump in, I froze with fear. I couldn’t climb down. I couldn’t jump. What happened next was terrible but also helpful. My big, blonde, Norwegian-American swim teacher strode up onto the diving board, wrapped me in her arms, and jumped int o the pool with me. My eyes were open as we went under, and I can still remember rising through the blue and popping up to the surface with her. I was fine! There was nothing to be afraid of. I enjoyed the water ever after. So many musicians I know spend their careers standing at the top of the diving board, waiting to jump in. I wish I could wrap them all up in my arms and jump i with them. Songwriters, here are some good ways to get yourself into the pool.

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