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7 Important Tips on How to Choose a Recording Studio

[Reader Darren Perkins, who runs Redrum Music Studio, has a few tips for musicians looking to move out of their bedroom and into a proper recording studio. – AC]

After doing several gigs singing your own songs, this might be the time for you to have your songs recorded. It will be best for you to do this in a recording studio where you will have the equipment and support to do it. The success of your songs will greatly depend on how the recording was done and how they sound when played. For this, you need to find a recording studio that meets your needs and gives you inspiration. Here are the 7 important tips on how to choose the best music studio for recording your songs.


  1. Determine if the studio is a good fit for you.

 First, consider the space itself. Is it spacious enough to accommodate your group? Remember you will need all the band members during the recording. Will they be comfortable enough as they play their instruments? Does it have isolation rooms? Are there restaurants, hotels, and entertainment places nearby?  These are important things to consider when searching for a recording studio.


  1. Discover if you feel good while inside.

 Do you feel relaxed while inside the studio? Some people feel that they are constrained within a facility. This will not be good for you because you need to feel good about the place in order to successfully give a great performance. If you do not have a studio engineer yet, you will have to work with the one employed by the studio. Find time to talk to this person to determine if you agree on some ideas regarding your music.


  1. Check if the studio has complete equipment.

No matter how well you sing if the equipment is not good or is lacking, you cannot have a great output. You will need excellent microphones for the task. Are there monitors for you to check how you are singing? The band members might need to arrange their instruments to produce the right sound for your song. You might need several types of microphones for recording those playing drums. You might not be able to provide all so make sure that the recording studio has them.


  1. Check the Price


One important thing to consider is the price. You might find the recording studio that meets all your needs but if you cannot afford it, you will need to find another. It’s important to remember that price is not a real determinant of quality. There are lots of recording studios that do excellent work without asking for too much. You can listen to their recordings or watch music videos that they have produced to find one that you think will be good for you.


  1. Do some research

 It will not hurt you to know more about the music studios where you are considering to record your song. You can find lots of information on the internet. Read customer reviews and testimonials to learn how they deal with their clients and the quality of their recordings. While you might not be able to access some because of price and location, you will be able to find one that suits your budget and produces the best recordings.


  1. Find out where it is located.

Since you are just starting your singing career, choosing a music studio that is far from where you are can affect your budget and time. You are not going to travel alone. Of course, your band goes with you. Before scouting for a recording studio in a place that will require you to spend for airfare, focus on your vicinity first. You might find one that is just a few minutes’ drive away.


  1. Discover sound quality.

If you have listened to recordings from various studios, you will find out that there some differences in sound quality. You should be listening to pleasant music. You can go further by asking them for a sample of a recording of a song similar to yours so that you will know how it will sound. You would never want your song to sound painful to the ears, with the instruments sounding like a tin can.

Bear in mind that your choice of a recording studio can make or unmake your singing career. By following these tips, you can put your singing career on the right track.


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2 thoughts on “7 Important Tips on How to Choose a Recording Studio

  • I have a friend who loves to make and create music and I know he complains about not being able to have good equipment. I think he should find a studio to go record in! That is a good idea to make sure he knows the sound quality from the studio. He would want to find a good match for the sound he is looking for! Thank you for the information!

  • My roommate has been writing songs for the past few months and she wants to record them in a studio. It would be helpful for my roommate to read online reviews from past customers of potential studios as you recommended. I will definitely pass this along to her so she can find a studio to produce quality music.


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