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A Freaky David Bowie Coincidence

Back in the 1970s, Marc Bolan of T.Rex had a show on Britain’s Granada Television called Marc. On the very last show–recorded two days before he died in a car accident–his special guest was David Bowie. To separate segments of the show, the producers used cheesy animated interstitials. Here’s a screen grab.

Marc Blackstar1 copy

Let’s have a closer look at the dude in the middle of the front row.

Marc Blackstar2 copy

A black star displayed just two days before Marc Bolan died. Blackstar was released two days before Bowie died. Cue the eerie music. Thanks to Susan for keeping me awake at night.

You should watch the entire show. Billy Idol turns up before Bowie sings a brilliant version of “Heroes.”


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6 thoughts on “A Freaky David Bowie Coincidence

  • ….and the guy wearing the t-shirt looks like Lemmy….

  • The guy next to ‘Blackstar Lemmy’ has button eyes and the girl next to ‘Button Eyes’ looks dead!

  • Now I wonder… what if it isn’t a coincidence? What if Bowie spent some time looking back at those who had gone before him, noticed the black star and thought, “hm, that could work?” I guess the likes of little old me will never know unless the family chooses to confirm and release the background info at some point.

  • Wow! Very cool. But there’s two other stars in the show tape. The singer in the group The Rods is wearing a silver star necklace and earring. He sings before Bowie. Just saying…

  • The show was recorded 9 days before Marc’s tragic death not 2, the show was aired on the 29th September 1977 just 2 days before what would’ve been Marc’s 30th birthday.


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