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A good Sunday watch: the story of Kate Bush

When Kate Bush first came to our attention in the late 78s, no one really knew what to make of this teenager with the multi-octave voice.

While she released a series of excellent albums, she toured just once before retiring from the stage. It stayed that way until 2014 when she staged a month-long residency in London. The BBC prepared this documentary ahead of those shows. (Via Federer Fanatic)

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One thought on “A good Sunday watch: the story of Kate Bush

  • HI Alan! I love your posts and all the work you do and have done throughout the years. Just wanted to let you know that I was the person who wrote that ‘petition’ to take down the ‘paper wall’ when Kate visited CFNY 102.1 the Edge street studio when it was on Bloor and Bathurst. I’ll tell you the story from this fan’s perspective of that night.. 🙂

    I was a teen who listened to her music so much i got teased about it by my friends at ESA (Etobicoke School of the Arts) They should ave appreciated her as much as I did LOL! at that time.. i was at OCAD so that night may have been in 1989, 90 hard to recall exactly..
    I remember the station promoting her visit so well, and then when the fans finally arrived to watch we were greeted to the brown paper wrapped windows (by her request i’d assume) anyhow, we stood outside and listened to the interview, it was night, not summer evening night, but dark night so it may have been in the early autumn or spring of that year.. well, we stood and listened and I personally felt that ‘geez’ I cant let this moment slip.. we fans discussed the situation and we knew she rarely flies, and is afraid of flying even, and that to come so close and not get to see her would be a missed opportunity! Especially since the station was promoting her visit all week!

    Well opportunity struck as Lee’s Palace was right next door, and i walked over and ripped down one of the many pages promoting something ( i think I actaully took it off the wall of Lee’s not off a street post or something) anyhoots, i wrote something super cheesy like “Dear so and so’s… we fans have come from all corners of the world – etobicoke, scarborough… to see our idol…” something like that.. “please take down the wall…” I was the first person to sign it of course as I wrote it – proof would be – my name would be 1st (if that paper still existed) anyhow, we all passed it around and signed it, maybe 30 people? , we passed the ‘petition’ to the security guard and he nicely passed it inside.. By the end of the interview… lo and behold, they ripped down that brown paper wall.. I also gave the guard a litho of 2 ballet dancers I had done at art college.. i think another girl passed in a bouquet of flowers…

    Eventually, at the end of the interview, they tore down that silly brown paper wall, and Kate Bush, waved to us. we stood so close to our idol!

    At the end of it, I remember feeling underwhelmed, maybe it was just the whole situation, but i wasn’t on a high like a screaming teenager having finally seen her.

    The next day, i did want to tune into the radio and hear what, if anything was said about it, i just remember driving in my parents car when i caught the tail-end of it and the on-air hosts said it was a very ‘Canadian’ thing to do, writing the petition.. I remember feeling somewhat relaxed, and chill about the whole thing, not like super-excited and stoked like “I was the one!!!” nah, it was a feeling of just, quiet smile, and kept on driving.

    Anyhow, Alan, i just wanted to let you know. I think it’s a curious little footnote to Kate Bush’s visit to Toronto. Again, thank-you so much for all your hard work, I grew up listening to your weekly shows. Keep up the most-excellent work.

    devoutly yours,
    Edward Chee

    p.s. on a personal note, I am now living in Vancouver, as a Storyboard artist in animation, I do miss Toronto and my family and friends there, but this is a nice part of the country. I also may be that person on twitter who sometimes draws game recaps of the Jays games! cheers!


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