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A History of Music in Adult films

About time something has written about this, huh? Leave it to Red Bull Academy to explore music in adult films. Just be aware that once you click to the article you’ll be in NSFW territory.

The history of adult fim music goes way beyond boom chikka bow bow and wakka-chikka wakka-chikka cliches. Technical innovation, electronic experiments, strange sidetrips, Ennio Morricone, and even the Muppets play a part in the development of erotic film soundtracks. Marke B. guides you past the canned moans and awkward dialogue, into a world of sonic seduction.

Adult films, may call up images of lurid voyeurism, cheesy encounters and superhuman physical entanglements. But behind the badly dubbed lines, and excruciating acting lay a world of adult erotic film auteurs who took themselves seriously as directors and producers, especially when it came to the soundtrack, that aspirational benchmark of film production.

It wasn’t all flailing flangers and overused wah-wahs. As with indie films today, lack of budget led to ingenuity – and sometimes a bit of theft-as-homage – throwing open the backdoor to innovations in sampling, dubbing, studio techniques and electronic production. Even now, online adult producers are changing the way we hear (fake) sex.

From their very start in the silent era, erotic films were obsessed with music and dance. 1896’s La Coucher de Mariee, was a cheerful, shimmying striptease performed by French cabaret star Louise Willey. That same year, Fatima’s Coochie Coochie Dance featured forcefully suggestive, scandalously clad Syrian bellydancer Fatima Djemille, and was one of the first films to be censored.

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