A Mediation on the Art of Dancefloor Grinding


4. Grind dance like you mean it:
• Move your hips with the guy. Make it noticeable that you want to be with him. Put your hands on him, like in his pockets or on his chest.

• Press yourself into him. Move your hips in sync with his. Most guys aren’t that great at dancing, so you might be the one who sets the pace and motion.

• Try this tip from lap dancing: Move your butt from side to side, up and down, at a pace you both desire. Be sure to vary your movements, try not to do the same thing all the time.

• If you don’t want to grind as “intensely” just put your hips together facing the same direction and bend your knees a little bit. Sway your hips side to side. Place your hands on his when their around your hips, or around his neck, or over your own head.

• Know what kind of grinding you’re doing. When you feel a guy grab you around the hips he can either be facing you or facing your back. If he’s facing your back this is normal grinding and more popular. Front grinding is more risky and sexy! Most people don’t do front grinding their first time.

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