A new Brazilian culture official says that rock’n’roll is linked to abortion

Yes, rock causes abortions–or at least according to Dante Mantovani, the new head of the National Arts Council (or Funarte in Portuguese).

How? “Rock music leads to drugs, which leads to sex, which leads to abortions.”

Ah. Of course. And there’s more.

“At the same time, the abortion industry feeds into something much more serious which is Satanism.”

But don’t take my word for it. Mantovani posted everything in this YouTube video.

Let me translate a few key bits:

  • “In the 1950’s this so-called Elvis Presley emerges with rock music that makes everyone bounce and shake their hips. This is when certain behaviours start being introduced. Elvis Presley, for instance, died of an overdose.”
  • “[John] Lennon openly said, more than once, that he made a pact with the devil — with Satan, in order to be famous and successful.”
  • “Woodstock, that festival from the 1960s that gather a bunch of people, where hippies took drugs and LSD — there are certain theories that suggest that the large scale distribution of the drug was actually carried out by the CIA.”
  • However, Mantovani does recommend listening to Metallica and Angra (a Brazilian metal group) when you’re angry about being stuck in traffic.

Fun, right? Read more here.

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