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2 thoughts on “A Plea for Metadata for Music. What’s Wrong with You Label People?

  • This drives me crazy too, but I think people like you and I are in the minority here. Most people don’t care. It’s a similar principle as to the reason why terrestrial radio insists on playing the same songs over and over again, which is something you yourself have explained on several occasions. I (and everyone I personally know) hates the limited airwave playlists. But, as you’ve stated before, we are apparently in the minority. Most people listen to the radio for different reasons than we do. Similarly, most people don’t care about details like album, songwriter, year, etc. All the want is artist and (occasionally) the name of the song.

  • It gets worse. Labels are so lazy that they don’t even give a crap if the poor intern they have assigned to handle metadata when they hand off the files to streaming services is right. Instead of adopting a best practices standard, say Music Brainz, they pull amazing crap: wrong titles for songs, misspelled album names, cockamamie “featuring” junk, etc. As a Last FM user, you noticed immediately when Spotify/Deezer/Songza/etc started polluting the collected info.



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