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2 thoughts on “A Review of the 2013 MTV VMAs

  • August 27, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    All of these pop princess girls are still playing catch-up to Madonna. Not shocking, not interesting, not even funny. You spent your time wisely watching the Breaking Bad episode, Alan

  • August 27, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    I watched a few clips last night just so I could be up to date on what people were talking about.

    First off, no guitars anywhere near the show last night. Not that I'm surprised by that at all.

    I watched Miley's performance. Perfect example of someone trying way too hard to be something they're not. She didn't come across as being talented or sexy in any way shape or form. She looked like a little girl trying to emulate moves she saw in a video. kind of like back in junior high when friends and I would airband to hair metal.

    I was mostly confused by Miley's song. The imagery, the costume change…was there some symbolism there I missed? I think the costumes would have been better suited to someone with some curves.

    I guess the only positive I could pull from that is that she was obviously singing live and not li syncing. Because she sounded like ass.

    Artists liek Lady Gaga can pull this stuff off and get away with it because there is underlying talent, plus it doesn't feel overly contrived. Don't get me wrong, a Lady Gaga show is definitely contrived and planned out, but it seems antural for her.

    This Miley thing was like playing dressup to piss off your parents.

    Speaking of which, I'm guessing Billy Ray is not overly proud of his daughter right now. His achy breaky heart is living up to its name.

    On another note, a few years ago, wasn't it Jamie Foxx who said that Miley would end up on a stripper pole? And then there was a major backlash and he had to apologize? I think everyone owes Jamie an apology.


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