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UPDATE: A Rolling Stones fan club member went to buy tickets to the band’s Ontario show. Then it got weird. And expensive. (And then fixed.)

The Rolling Stones have been booked to play Burl’s Creek north of Toronto on June 29 in a field that’s been blocked out for just over 71,000 people. Tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow, but members of the fan club got a crack at general admission tickets early.

Normal GA tickets are priced at $373(!!!), a lot of money for the privilege of standing in a field. You can get closer, of course. The Gold Circle area–more standing room–is worth $774.90 a person while a spot in the pit on either side of the base of the thrust stage cost $1,119.30 each. Don’t even get me started on all the various VIP packages.

UPDATE: Strangely, GA tickets are priced today at $199.50 ($179.50 plus $20 in fees and taxes. All the other ticket prices have come down since I originally write this story yesterday. Still, don’t get me started on all the various VIP packages.

But back to the fan club tickets. One guy set out on Ticketmaster to buy four early bird ticket priced at $99.50 each plus $20 in fees and taxes for a total of $119.50 per ticket. As he clicked through the purchasing process, that price seems to inexplicably jump to $179.50 per ticket.

It appears that the base price of the ticket–its original advertised face value–suddenly changes.

As proof, he shared this video on Reddit. You may have to zoom in to see the numbers change. And they do.

Bait-and-switch? A glitch? Supply management pricing? A gregarious example of so-called “drip pricing?” So many questions…

UPDATE: I heard back from Republic LIve, the promoter. Apparently a human error impacted a limited number of fans. The glitch was fixed and Ticketmaster is now working directly with fans to resolve things.

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: A Rolling Stones fan club member went to buy tickets to the band’s Ontario show. Then it got weird. And expensive. (And then fixed.)

  • I had the same thing. Grabbed a pair of $119 tickets (including fees) and once in the cart the total was over $400. At that point, I decided to pass.

  • At no point were tickets $99. General Admission tickets since the pre sale started, on Wednesday s day have always been $199!! The Gold Circle tickets started at$440!!! Who is giving you your information????? The code for the pre sale i “midnight”. God Damn it.

  • I got 4 for $199 each. General Admission. I would like to know the opening bands?

  • Boycott ticketmaster. Enough said!

  • worn that tattoo on my left bicep for over 30 years and can’t count the number of times I have seen them in Toronto since 1972, Edmonton and even the El Macombo 1977 but my daughter in Vancouver (you already know my son) thought a Seattle road trip was in order. At $2200 USD I decided I have seen enough

  • Hey Alan,
    I’ve been a fan for a long time and would love to join you for a concert sometime to discuss this more in depth. But let’s just say ticketmaster wasn’t so accommodating until the media was involved, from everything I’ve found since it was all seats on Wednesday sold as 119.50 effected but I appreciate you’re expertise and love for all things musical. Give me a follow on Instagram @torontoconcertguy

    Edward Mair
    One guy you reference In post above!

    • Done. And thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention!

      • I felt it was the right thing to do because I buy a lot of tickets and missed it the first time, now we are seeing just how many people this happened too, thankfully ticketmaster seems to be giving them a much easier process to get those adjustments and we all will still enjoy the show.

        See you there!


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