A Russian rapper commits suicide rather than be shipped off to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s mobilization of new fighters for his disastrous invasion of Ukraine is not going well. Millions of able-bodied men are being called up and many will have none of it, making a run for the border.

Others have taken a more extreme route.

Ivan Vitalievich Petunin, who performed under the name Walkie, was found dead outside an apartment building in the southern city of Krasnodar last Friday. He apparently jumped to his death.

A video found on his Telegram channel had him protesting the war and expressing fear about being called up in a general draft. He believed his number would eventually come up since he’d previously served in the army and was only 27 years old. He’d tried to get a deferment because of mental illness, but it was rejected by authorities.

In the video, Petunin says “If you are watching this video, then I am no longer alive. I can’t take the sin of murder on my soul and I don’t want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideals.

“I choose to remain in history forever. As a man who did not support what was happening I am not ready to take up arms and kill my own kind.”

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  • October 4, 2022 at 3:10 pm

    Dear Lord. Heaven help us.


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