September 9, 2023

A Snot-Nosed 13 Year-Old Calls Out Sonic Youth

And they posted it on their Facebook page:

I’m going to be 100% honest with you.

I’m 13. I have a little band. We are so much better than you. Honestly. You are the worst band I have ever seen in your entire life. You are worse than Rebecca Black. The bass player just hacks the bass and plays one chord. The guitar players are playing out of tune guitars and… well not even playing actually chords. I couldn’t sound worse if I tried. It actually sounds like a joke to me. The drummer is okay. But honestly the vocalist is completely out of tune. Oh and The Black keys have two people and are better than you.

From: Me, and pretty much everyone else who has accidentally stumbled upon your terrible music. 

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10 thoughts on “A Snot-Nosed 13 Year-Old Calls Out Sonic Youth

  • Ha, a snot nosed teeny bopper calling out a band way before his time. Calling out a band that was a big part of a culture that inspired his generation of music. And the Black keys, although a good band, in my opinion….not a true two piece act….

  • Let me guess, he probably thinks The Beatles are too poppy and Bob Dylan is overrated.

  • Oooh, someone must have watched "Juno" recently. Is this the kid from the Apple Siri ad?

  • Well, I don't agree with the snot-nosed kid's opinion, but it's refreshing to see that they have one and can write about it at least semi-intelligently…

  • Actually, I believe this kid is what those in the internet community call a "troll". These sorts of people intentionally try to cause drama, emotional distress and disrupt otherwise normal conversations. So the kid may not be as snot-nosed as you think, and just be someone seeking entertainment by insulting a band such as Sonic Youth.

  • It was never about the technical musicianship…It was about the NOISE and the Lyrics. It was an attitude rejecting the status quo. If you weren't there you'll probably never fully understand.

  • I can't blame the kid for the simple fact that the "youts" are being spoon fed fake rock and talentless auto-tune pop. I mean kids think Avril is punk rock. When he matures he will realize that Sonic Youth is genius.

  • Frankly, I'm surprised that today's 13-year-olds are engaging with Sonic Youth at all, so if this kid really did sit down for a listen and formed an opinion of the music based on his experience in life, then good for him. As he listens to more things, he'll broaden that experience. This takes time and you have to go looking for it. He might be a troll, but he could just as well not be. I'll admit that I never really got into Sonic Youth, but that's mostly because it's just not something I can put on an enjoy. I have several of their records and I do listen to it, but not for the pure enjoyment of it. I listen to it just to listen – because it is strange and different and it engages with aspects of music that others don't. I vote for giving the kid a break. Separating music you like from music you appreciate takes maturity. By already engaging with broader music styles, in a certain sense he is already ahead of the curve.

  • Meh. The kid has an opinion & he's expressing it. Just because it differs from people that like Sonic Youth doesn't mean it's "wrong", an opinion cannot be wrong. It's like professing a liking of chocolate & being told that's wrong. Yes, he's missing the bigger picture in regards to bands like Sonic Youth, but he IS only 13 after all. Wouldn't it be cool if he & his band turned into "the next big thing"?

  • One can only hope that these are the seeds of teenage rebellion, getting ready to squish the you-know-what out of Beiber and Friends.


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