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A Ted Nugent concert was canceled because his political views are too radical. This happened in ALABAMA

It’s concert season and everyone is out on the road including fervent right-winger/Trump supporter/gun freak/anti-woke advocate /anti-vaxxer/transphobic Ted Nugent. We can now probably add “anti-craft beer critic.”

There are plenty of places across the US where audiences share his views, including (you’d think) in the South. It doesn’t get much for South than Alabama. Booking a gig in a brewery in Birmingham should have been a safe sellout. Uh, no.

One day before tickets were to go on sale, the show was canceled after Avondale Brewery’s Facebook page was bombarded with at least a thousand comments complaining about Nugent. Their Instagram page also got bombed with negativity. This includes threats from bars that serve Avondale’s beer to drop its brews if it insisted on hosting the concert.

One such establishment, Al’s on 7th, wrote this.

“Al’s will no longer purchase any beer from Avondale Brewing Company nor Good People Brewing Company, Avondale will be hosting a Ted Nugent concert in July. Nugent has recently made serious transphobic comments.”

When the cancelation was announced, Avondale Brewing wrote “We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us, and in conjunction with our partners, have taken the necessary steps to to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18.”

As reader Rick J points how: “How radically right-wing do you have to get canceled in Alabama?” And is Kid Rock going to machine-gun a stack of Avondale beer in protest?

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6 thoughts on “A Ted Nugent concert was canceled because his political views are too radical. This happened in ALABAMA

  • Sometimes **** makes me laugh…every day America makes Beavis and Butthead less of a cartoon and more of a reality show…

    • You should re-watch Idiocracy!

      It’s not that far off!

      • It’s not. I’ve been saying that for a while. I fear the future.

  • The context missing from this is that it happened in Birmingham. I tell everyone that I don’t live in Alabama, I live in Birmingham. We’re not like the rest of the state.

  • I bet both paying ticket holders were pissed.

  • Well. back in the day, rock was rebel, revolutionary, brothersisterhood of freedom without hate, do drugs not violence, love one another, and I’m hearing Catscratch Fever on the radio. My surfer buds, with hair to our waist and selling any amount of mexi flat, seeds and all, we just took Nugent as a new Rocker. Not impressed tho, with his weak guitar solo, which his posing on stage couldn’t cover up.

    A coupla years go by, we’re maybe grownup, maybe not. And you know what we did understand? Ted Nugent WAS a poser. I am as old as he is, and I at least STILL know what “against the establishment means” and I’m a rock musician who has pushed a few stars ahead of me cuz I had fame in another area. What most of us knew was that Amboy Dukey Nugie, was a fake. Fraud. Got a ego problem like Trumpacolypse, a loser narcissist. You get a narcissist, you get someone who just can’t get help because only see perfection in their mental shortfall.

    He’s a scared lil chicken. I seen his interiews of late, and he’s still hugging his guitar, stupidly EMBRACING WHAT HE FAKE HATING BACK IN THE DAY. So it’s not really about WOKE, s**t, Lead Belly said it first to an enlighten old WWII vet digging on his fretplay blues after a nightclub gig. The old soldier smiled at Lead Belly, stuck out his hand and said, “Sir, I think I haven’t felt this good since I came home from Iwo Jima, and wounds in both legs. Lying next to me was this colored boy, who was a man cuz he had no arm. I saw his blood was red. And that fighting MAN, made me laugh on that medic ship for a going on three weeks, he was funny, I felt like I was in no pain.” I felt guilty when I turned away when they wheeled us off the ship, and I saw him be turned to the “COLORED” hospital entrance. He raised a finger and mouthed oorah with a tear in his eye, and I barely could hold a choke.” I came to see you after all those years thinking about that black man. And you made me think right, Mr Belly.”

    Lead Belly paused a second, patted him on the shoulder, and said “Boy, you’ve been WOKE”. That’s the story for all those MAGGATs out there who still scared little weenies, don’t say pus***** cuz they are tougher, they have babies, don’t they?

    Ted Nugent is looked at cuz REAL ROCK MUSICIANS OG now he’s better at yapping about how cool he is, cuz nobody who knows what is was and IS, thinks he can play a lick. So tickets were sold to uneducated poor right wing “posers” who needed to be saved from a FRAUD ROCK CONCERT. It’s tit’s up.

    You know, one more thing. There’s an old unsubstantiated rumor that went around the circuit, you know Uriah Heep guys, Derringer and Frank the Freakin Best Marino, and even Blackmore… who laughed but then said, “Nugent? Nugent who?”. The rumor was that Ted refused to listen to Hendrix played, and called him a “Lefthanded Blackie” cuz he didn’t know the right up side of his gitar. It was said… then drifted off like Ted did after ’78. Some say they saw him dressed as a woman at CBGB dancing to ABBA.

    So don’t freak out about saving some poor young rockers who think TRUMP is GOD, except God don’t listen to Nugent either.



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