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A Valiant Ecumenical Attempt at Some Christmas Carols on Hollywood Boulevard

Props to Kosha DIllz for making this attempt at Christmas carols. It’s the thought that counts, right?

They also offer this helpful list:

11 things Jewish Rappers do on Christmas (aka Me)

1. Eat Chinese Food – specifically general Tso

2. Go running to burn off excess food.

3. Feel hungover from rapping at a show called the Latke Ball.

4. Call my parents and ask them what movie they are seeing.

5. Go to Star Wars and not JOY the movie.

6. Hang out with lots of Indian people who don’t celebrate Christmas

7. Go hiking

8. Go on facebook and stare at people who are having good times with their family.

9. Call friends to say merry christmas and make them think you are thoughtful for calling even though you are more intrigued at the concept of family celebration

10. Listen to Christmas Music entirely written by Jewish song writers.

11. Get ready for Shabbat (yep it’s friday)

extra credit: stare at people on facebook rave about their children and marriages while you are single and alone!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day off from work and an amazing weekend and a shabbat shalom!

Chinese food on Christmas

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