Age of Days Donating to Fort McMurray Aid

The wildfire in Fort McMurray is still going strong and it has been over a week since the town was evacuated with still no news of when residents can start to return. Red Cross has been taking donations and people have stepped up to help out.

The wildfire has affected not just the 90,000 people evacuated, but many others in surrounding communities and across the country. For Age of Days vocalist Tim Morrison, the fire hits close to home: His entire family lives Fort Mac.

“It’s a very tragic situation and my heart goes out to everyone affected. My parents, two sisters, their husbands and my nephew – literally my whole family – lives in Fort McMurray, so it is overwhelming and terrifying to see what the city is going through right now,” He said.

“I got a call from my sister who was crying and telling me what was happening. My heart sank and I felt helpless and fearful for everyone. I travel to Fort McMurray frequently and even lived there a short time myself, so I still consider it my second home

“The band and I just can’t imagine what the people of Fort McMurray are going through, and we want to contribute in any way we can”

Age of Days personally thanks the brave firefighters, police officers, first responders, and every one else involved in helping to safely evacuate the nearly 90,000 people. The band has pledged to donate the proceeds from their acoustic single “Affected” to the Red Cross Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund.

The song can be purchased on iTunes or here.

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