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Aha! We’ve Found Someone to Blame for the Music Sales Decline in 2014! YOU.

Chances are if you’re visiting this website, you consider yourself a serious music fan–an aficionado, in other words. Music Industry Blog blames you (and me) for the decline in sales across the music industry last year.

Huh?  According to a new study, 14% of us hardcore music fans stopped buying CDs altogether. A full 23% said we were buying fewer discs. Another 23% said they were buying fewer downloads. And with passive music fans–regular people who think Katy Perry is The Best Thing Ever–got most of their music from the radio and YouTube.

Add it all up and crunch all the numbers and hardcore music fans “accounted for 76% of the last CD and download revenue in 2014.”

And without us hardcore types, the music industry got caught in a downdraft.



Read the entire analysis here.

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2 thoughts on “Aha! We’ve Found Someone to Blame for the Music Sales Decline in 2014! YOU.

  • Yeah
    one of the reasons I don’t jump into Vinyl with both feet is because of the cost .
    A complete album on cd is in and around 10 bucks while most complete albums
    on vinyl are over 20(unless you go to garage sales or second hand places )
    So ,I get this.

  • Like millions of others, I’ve been conditioned to not pay for music for fifteen years. Also there’s nothing out there that I want that isn’t at least that old. YouTube does what radio used to for me.


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