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Ajit Pai is having a bad year

Poor Ajit Pai.

No, not that one. The other one.

The Indian DJ who’s received death threats, nasty comments online, an outrageous number of emails, all from people who think this Ajit Pai:

Is the same as this Ajit Pai:


When you share a name with the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and he’s just kicked off a regulatory procedure to hinder the openness of the internet and make it possible for internet service providers to charge more for access to certain websites and streaming services, sometimes people mistakenly send awful things your way.

In an email to The Verge, the other (innocent) Ajit Pai says things didn’t get serious until just before the FCC voted earlier this month to repeal the Obama administration’s net neutrality regulations.
“I’ve been getting death (threats) and abusive calls the whole night, since we are 10 ½ hours ahead of your time,” he wrote. “My mailbox … is flooded and I need to make my admin empty it out every two days. I can’t even count the amount of mentions and comments I get every day.”

This Ajit Pai said he understands the angry messages aren’t intended for him and, for a while, tried to redirect comments to the correct account. “But I couldn’t keep up with the number of posts and soon gave up,” he told The Verge.

And to set the record straight, this Ajit Pai doesn’t agree with that Ajit Pai or his politics.

“They came up with the same stupid plan for Indian too and the whole country protested the exact same way,” he said. “Repealing net neutrality is like taking away the opportunities from less privileged independent online entrepreneurs, knowledge seekers and giving only the corporates and wealthy the edge in business and education too. That’s kinda undemocratic and unfair… No one has the right to differentiate between who should be allowed to breathe more or breathe less.”

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One thought on “Ajit Pai is having a bad year

  • This Ajit Pai should be the FCC Chairman, not Ashit Pie.


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