Alex Jones says that musicians have to sign a “pledge to Lucifer” when they get a record deal

I worry about America. Actually, I worry about stupid people taking over the entire world. Just this morning, I heard Marjorie Taylor Greene, the renowned paleontologist, speak of “land dragons.”

Add this to the pile of claims that include “Jewish space laser.”

And then there’s this: On his InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones spilled the beans on a secret pledge all artists must sign if they want a record deal. See/hear for yourself.

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One thought on “Alex Jones says that musicians have to sign a “pledge to Lucifer” when they get a record deal

  • When I was a kid, my uncle told me that *all* secular “records” were prayed over by satanic priests before distribution. Even as a child I wondered if he had any concept of just how many albums were released. And also, if I pirated a CD, would that mean it’s fine because my copy wasn’t prayed over?

    He insisted that the names of bands I like must be different names for Satan because he couldn’t figure out what they meant (they were bands from places where English was not the first language.)

    Alex Jones is known for making up outrageous nonsense, but he has help. I wish he was the only jerk doing what he does. More scary than the existence of the Empty Gees and the Alex Joneses are the people at home who are perfectly willing to believe and spread the insanity.


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