An Excellent Use of YouTube: A Fan-Made Morrissey Bootleg Album

A YouTuber named hipsterdisco painstakingly recorded Morrissey appearances on the BBC off the radio and has assembled them into a single collection of performances.  Nice work, dude (or dudette)!


{Live at the BBC}-{Fan Made Bootleg Album}
Unreleased Radio Sessions. Unique, One off, One Take performances. Recorded throughout the ‘Noughtys’ for the John Peel, Janice Long & Zane Lowe Radio Shows.
(Janice Long Session 2002)(FM)
01 Irish Blood, English Heart
02 The World is Full of Crashing Bores 02:45
03 I Like You 06:51
(John Peel Session 2004)(FM)
04 Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice 11:07
05 No One Can Hold a Candle To You 14:02
(Zane Lowe Session 2004)(FM)
06 First of the Gang to Die 17:12
07 Shoplifters of the World Unite 21:07
(Janice Long Session 2004)(FM)
08 I’m Playing Easy to Get 24:29
09 Redondo Beach 27:30
10 Its Hard To Walk Tall When Your Small 31:23
11 Noise Is The Best Revenge 34:49
(Janice Long Session 2011)(FM)
12 Action Is My Middle Name 38:53
13 People Are The Same Everywhere 41:34
14 The Kids A Looker 44:47

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