An opera singer/vocal coach reacts to hearing Rush for the first time

If you’re a fan of reaction videos–watching what happens when something happens to a person for the first time–you’ll know that such clips involving music are all over the internet. They can be a lot of fun.

Professional opera singer and vocal coach Elizabeth Zharoff has made a series of these videos including this one where she hears Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio” for the first time. This should be good. (Thanks to Daniel for the link!)

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8 thoughts on “An opera singer/vocal coach reacts to hearing Rush for the first time

  • Please review Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Circumstances, and Trees

  • When it comes to experiencing and learning about Rush, they have created so many timeless masterpieces over four decades. Rush is often quoted being the “musicians for musicians” doing some of the most complex arrangements setting the bar for others to reach. The progression of Rush in those 40 plus years is something that should be seriously studied as generations of people are still discovering this legendary 3 man band.

    Each member of Rush has been a gift to all who appreciate music and with the passing of Neil Peart, Rush will no longer tour or create new material. We still have the influence that Rush has left behind inspiration for the next-generation musicians. Each song of Rush tells a story or message, its time to tell the story about Rush.

    The Spirit of the Radio is a perfect introduction to discovering Rush. As for the next Rush song for you to examine, I would like to reccomend “New World Man” or “Time Stand Still”.

  • She also did Pantera’s Cemetery Gates and was a highly enjoyable video. She almost gets giddy with excitement. Great channel to follow.

  • Definitely try Limelight. Deep lyrics and great music. You will enjoy it.

  • Thank you for sharing your your experience of listening to “Spirit of Radio” for the first time. The words are so poinient, and the music redefines it’s heritage.
    Next… Listen to “New World Man”.
    Then perhaps ” Closer to the Heart”
    Rush, was, is and always will be one of the greatest bands.

  • Freewill, Fly by Night, Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions, Time Stand Still, Working Man, The Weapon, and so many more…
    Rush are not only great musicians, they spoke of great things, had great lyrics to inspire…
    Few bands have reached the level of Rush.
    I am thankful that I was there to hear.
    And thankful for their earnest words..
    And for the heart to understand.
    R.I.P. N.P.

  • Rush has touched many musicians and music lovers through the decades they will always be a part of my life

  • lolololol at 18:14 where she’s like, ‘uh… I think that’s a different vocalist? …Alex Lifeson?’
    Oh, no – that is ALL Geddy. <3


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