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And now, some good news about Ticketmaster. No, seriously.

Ticketmaster has been in the news a lot this year, mostly for the wrong reasons. But when the company does something good, it’s only fair that we pay attention to that, too. This is a bit complicated but stay with me.

Ticketmaster has bought a company called Upgraded which touts blockchain technology. It “converts traditional ticket sales into secure interactive digital assets protected by blockchain, providing event creators with more control and visibility over ticket distribution, and protecting fans against fraudulent tickets.”

Translation: Concert tickets are converted into a digital form that is completely trackable. No one is able to duplicate a ticket in this form without immediately being flagged. That means no more running off copies of paper tickets with barcodes or QR-codes and selling the copies as the real thing.

This is a real problem. A promoter in Australia is investigating the case of a music festival where 149 people were denied entry because they had fake tickets. Some dude had just resold the same ticket 149 times and when these people had their paper scanned at the entrance, they were told that their tickets were invalid.

Ticketmaster is also working with a facial recognition company named Blink Identity that could see the elimination of tickets altogether one day. By uploading a selfie to a database, your face becomes your ticket. (Let’s leave the privacy issues involved with this scheme alone for the time being.)

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