Another award for Liana Boyd

It’s time to honour the first lady. No, not Melania Trump. The first lady we all care about; the first lady of classical guitar, Liona Boyd! This Saturday, June 9th, Boyd will be receiving the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the JoAnn Falletta International guGuitaroncerto Competition in Buffalo.

Liona Boyd is recognized internationally for her unique brand of classical guitar that has cemented her as a legend in the genre. So far, she’s received five honorary doctorates, The Order of Ontario, The Order of Canada, the Diamond Jubilee Medal, five Junos and has won the Guitar Player Magazine best classical guitar player five times. Add to that list multiple gold and platinum albums and now the Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m too lazy to even make myself breakfast in the morning.

Since her Carnegie hall debut in 1975, Boyd has ensnared the attention of millions with her classical guitar playing, mixed with folk and world music influences. Not to mention the influence she’s had on other famous artists. She’s recorded collabs with he likes of Eric Clapton, Gordon Lightfoot, Yo Yo Ma and Chet Atkins. Her influence expands past just the musical world.

Her world class skill has landed her gigs in front of dozens of world leaders, the president of the United States and the British Royal Family. Such fame has gotten her into some crazy experiences that she recounts on her site. Some of these include being conducted by legendary composer John Williams, sleeping in Mick Jagger’s bed and being hired as the performer for Charlton Heston’s wedding.

An illustrious career deserves some illustrious recognition. After the finals of the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition, this inaugural award will be presented to Liona Boyd. Something tells me that this won’t be the last time she’s receiving an award. History tends to repeat itself.

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