Another “Best-of” music list for 2108

[Danny Fournier of Edmonton’s Oddball Productions is always sending interesting/weird stories this way. His latest contribution is a list of his picks of the best music music of 2018. – AC]

I felt like there was a slew of ‘anthem’ that came out this year…or at least that was the type of music that grabbed my attention. Big sound, big guitar riff and big harmonies that you want to sing a long with. 

1. “Drivin’ Rain” – Slash featuring Myles Kenney and The Conspirators:The “Hey Kids, do you like the rock n’ roll?” Anthem 

To steal a phrase often used by David Letterman, “Hey Kids, do you like the rock n’ roll?” “Drivin’ Rain” by Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators (there has got to be an easier way to say that) is an education on how to write a modern-day rock anthem. Epic guitar riff, massive vocals & harmonies that you want to sing along with. This is a song you expect to hear in an arena. The song sticks with you and you don’t get tired of it. Trust me. It’s also my 3 years old daughter’s favorite song, so we listen to it every time we are In the car and I’m still not sick of it.  

2. “Mantra” – Bring Me The Horizon: The “Bring Me The Anthem” Anthem

Bring Me The Horizon are the new kings of big rock anthems but “Mantra” was the first of their songs added by my local rock radio station. I was already a fan of the song, but with it getting added to local radio it became a new theme for change with some other unexpected ads soon following. Could this song be the theme song for a new era at rock radio?  

3. “ihateit” – Underoath” –The “Underdog’s” Anthem 

I’ve never been much of a lyric guy, half the time I hear the wrong words, but something about the lyrics from Underoath’s “ihateit” caught my attention. I had never really listened to Underoath prior to this track and I soon found myself checking out their whole catalog. The simplicity of the main hook and the conflicting emotion, hating the one thing that can bring you up, spoke to me and was relatable, makig the song even more powerful. But then again…I’m not really a lyric guy so I could have missed the point of the song completely. 

4. “River Phoenix” – Santa Cruz ” –The “Why River Phoenix?” Anthem 

Another song that’s lyrics caught my attention this year was Santa Cruz’s “River Phoenix”. The first time I heard the chorus “We’re going down like River Phoenix” all I could do was wonder “What the hell does that mean?” I found myself listening to the song over and over again trying to figure it out, but as I was doing this the hair metal fan in me, really started to like the song and soon I stopped trying to over analyze the lyrics and found myself just enjoying the song.  

4. “Aftermath” – Royal Tusk The “Take Pride In My Hometown” Anthem 

I liked this song the first time I heard it. Right off the bat it sounded big. Another anthem? Some more good old rock n’ roll. Everything I enjoyed during that first listened was then increased with some civic pride. Royal Tusk are from Edmonton. I’ve seen them before at shows around town and in other prior bands, but this time something was different. This song showed maturity. The band had risen to a whole new level.  

And if you want to include a link to my Top 5 from the first half of the year, here it is.

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