Another Celebrity Shares a Nude Photo in Support of Kim Kardashian’s Right to do the Same Thing

The Internet got broken again when Kim Kardashian posted a naked picture the other day (Go find it yourself; I’m not going to feed this woman’s ego by linking to it from here. I know, it’s a useless gesture, but I’m just trying to do my part. Kinda like how we can all fight climate change by helping out just a little bit, you know?)

Some people–a lot of women, in fact–heaped criticism on KK while others (naked shaming?) while other supported her right to do whatever she wants. One such person was Ozzy’s wife, Sharon. Here is what Mrs. Osbourne posted.

I’m curious. Where do you stand on this trend of naked selfies? Self-empowerment? TMI? Ego gone wild?

(Link via Tom. Thanks a lot.)

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One thought on “Another Celebrity Shares a Nude Photo in Support of Kim Kardashian’s Right to do the Same Thing

  • March 10, 2016 at 10:12 am

    My 2 cents… Do what you want but don’t be surprised when folks criticize you for marketing yourself by showing your naked body and further don;t be surprised when as you grow old and your beauty fades, you become irrelevant. Since thats all you had to begin with.

    I just started listening to Butcher Babies and can honestly say, they are more entertaining now that they aren’t running around half naked.

    “Modesty” encourages creativity.

    Kartrashians are a lot of things but creative is not one of them.


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