Another Lost Audio Format: The Stereo Microcassette

The history of consumer electronics is litter with dead and stillborn music products. While the 8-track is long gone, it at least had its day. The same can be said for the cassette and the 78. But there have been many casualties as manufacturers and the recording industry tried to entice people into adopting new recorded music formats. There was the Elcaset, DAT, DCC, the MiniDisc, DataPlay and a slew of others. For some reason, these misfires fascinate me.

Until Dave came along, I’d totally forgotten about the stereo microcassette. Look.


Alan Cross

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One thought on “Another Lost Audio Format: The Stereo Microcassette

  • October 19, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    Yeah,I get the tape hiss scenerio.
    But at the time we put up with it because if you removed it,you lost most of the highs.


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