Another Musician Assaulted on Stage

This never fails to amaze me:  someome spends good money to go to a show only to ruin it for the others.  I vividly remember escorting a very wounded Brian Van Der Ark of the Verve Pipe back to his trailer have some moron beaned him square in the face with a full waterbottle at an Edgefest years ago.  The result was a very bloody broken nose.

Then I was down front when that moron tackled Noel Gallager onstage at VirginFest in Toronto.  The show was cut short and Noel ended up with a lot of badly bruised ribs.  Idiot.

The latest onstage assault saw Frederock “Toots” Hibbert got hit by a bottle pitched by a 19 year-old yob.  What’s wrong with people?

This list of onstage assaults is quite long, too.  The Huffington Post as complied this.

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One thought on “Another Musician Assaulted on Stage

  • May 21, 2013 at 4:05 am

    I'll add to this I went to see Marilyn Manson in Sept 2009 in Winnipeg. I was expecting I showy show instead the show was plagued with terrible sound, awful vocals, all in all the worst show I have ever seen.

    Anyway during the the show Marilyn was asking for a dollar bill, well this is Canada and nobody knew what to do, so as he leaned over on stage someone FLICKED A LOONIE RIGHT BETWEEN HIS EYES LOL!!! Being on the floor I got a good look at the flash of rage on his face, I was surprised that he held it in so well. Anyway he managed to get a $5 bill and burned it on stage… wow your sooo bad as Manson lol

    Anyway I always felt that he deserved that loonie right between the eyes, made up for such a shitty show (that or the guy he escaped out the back of a police car running down Portage Ave in handcuffs after the show… well that's a whole different story lol).


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