Another Sign We’re Moving Towards Better-Sounding Music: The BoomStick 360

The consumer electronics industry really, really wants people to get into high-fidelity music. After years of being happy with the “good enough” sound we get from crappy earbuds, cheap headphones and compressed MP3s, there will be a major push in 2016 towards things like Hi-Res Audio, higher bitrate streaming and gizmos that make music come alive.

One such gadget is the BoomStick 360 from a company called BoomCloud 360.  It’s a $99 USD device that goes between the source of your music (your computer, phone or tablet) and your headphones or earbuds. TechCrunch reviewed it:

The standard sets of stock headphones being shipped by companies like Apple and Samsung are, by in large, garbage. For consumers looking to achieve more of a high-end audio experience, their best bet is traditionally in securing a new pair of cans. A new company, BoomCloud 360, is looking to help consumers boost audio quality more easily with their first portable product offering.

The BoomStick, launching for pre-order today, allows consumers a shot at improving the dynamic quality of all of their headphones with the addition of a single, portable device that plugs into a device’s headphone jack. It’s not your traditional portable headphone amplifier, it actually really changes how your headphones sound.

When plugging a standard pair of Apple EarPods into the BoomStick, I was left with a much more satisfying low-end responsiveness in addition to considerably more dynamic vocals and high-end quality. With all of that said, Apple’s EarPods definitely aren’t winning any sound quality awards anyway, yet the headphones sounded considerably more palatable with the addition of the BoomStick.

Users looking to get a taste of the improvements in sound reproduction offered by the BoomStick can check out the BoomCloud 360 website to hear their favorite tunes enhanced by the company’s technologies.

Read the entire review here.

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