Another Top-Earning Dead Celebrities List

I’ll save you the suspense:  the top-earning dead guy this year is Michael Jackson. And with the trial of his doctor happening in the lead-up to Christmas, this is going to be another good season for the guy. Too bad he’s not around to enjoy it.

Here’s the full list according to Forbes:

1.  Michael Jackson ($170 million):  Cash goes to the estate.

2.  Elvis Presley ($55 million):  Cash goes to the estate.

3.  Marilyn Monroe ($27 million):  Cash goes to Authentic Brands, who bought the rights from her estate.

4.  Charles Schultz ($25 million):  A company called Iconix owns 80% of the Peanuts strips and maintains most of the 1,200 licensing agreements for characters like Charlie Brown, Snoppy and Woodstock.

5.  (Tie) John Lennon ($12 million):  I thought it would be more, but Yoko ain’t hurtin’.

5.  (Tie) Elizabeth Taylor ($12 million):  White Diamonds perfume is a big seller.  Just wait until her jewels get auctioned off next month.  That could bring in another $30 million alone.

7.  Albert Einstein ($10 million):  Disney earns a lot from its Baby Einstein products.  His estate also earns money from Chrysler, Nintendo and others.

8.  Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel ($9 million):  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas just keeps giving and giving and giving…

9.  (Tie) Jimi Hendrix ($7 million): The estate continues to pimp him out.  His latest endorsement?  HP Sauce.

9.  (Tie) Steig Larsson ($7 million):  Just wait until Hollwood remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo opens next month.

More on the list here.



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