Apple Finally Kills the iPod Nano and Shuffle

Yes, Apple still makes iPods. They’re just making fewer of them. A lot fewer.

News came yesterday (July 27) that Apple was revamping the iPod line, which includes dumping the Nano (last updated in 2010) and the Shuffle (which last had a minor refresh in 2012).

The entire iPod line now consists of just two versions of the iPod Touch. And that’s it. Remember when Apple had Nanos and Shuffles and Classics and Touches?

And finding a Touch on the Apple website isn’t terribly convenient, either. You have scroll down to the bottom of the landing page and click on a tiny link marked “iPod Touch.” That’ll take you to a page where you can buy a 32 GB version for $249 CAD or a 128 GB edition for $369. Want a cheaper or smaller MP3 player? Look elsewhere,

For many people–me included–these devices were gateway drugs into the wider Apple ecosystem. But why drop them?

The lack of Bluetooth was probably an issue, which means they can’t work with AirPods–and we all know how much Apple is hoping to kill off wired headphones. No Bluetooth means no streaming possibilities, either. And most obvious is the fact that if there’s a gateway drug into all things Apple, it’s the iPhone.

So long, Shuffle and Nano. You had a good run.


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2 thoughts on “Apple Finally Kills the iPod Nano and Shuffle

  • No Bluetooth? My Nano has bluetooth and I sync it wirelessly to my vehicle. Is it possible that maybe the previous versions don’t have it?

  • I feel they ruined the Nano when they switched away from the amazing clip design to the video version. It’s pretty much the only MP3 player I’d actually want if they could cram bluetooth into it.


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