Apple just bought an AI music composing company. This could get interesting.

Apple’s latest acquisition is AI Music, a new company that uses artificial intelligence to compose super-bespoke music on the fly for a variety of purposes. AI Music developed something called the “Infinite Music Engine” that can write music for creative agencies (think music for commercials and corporate videos), marketers (anyone who needs music to sell what they’re offering), and even people who just want to exercise to music.

When it comes to soundtracks for commercials, AI Music’s software can create any kind of music you ask it to make, incorporating parameters like mood, tempo, timbre, intensity–whatever. No more combing through music libraries looking for something that sounds right–and something that hasn’t been used by someone else before.

The physical fitness applications are cool, too. Imagine a workout soundtrack that’s written in real-time just for you, adapting to your pace, effort, and heart rate. And you get to determine the genre of what you hear.

What will Apple use it for? No idea. But note that Apple has been deep into fitness apps for some time now.

(Via MacRumors)

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One thought on “Apple just bought an AI music composing company. This could get interesting.

  • February 8, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Or imagine a future where these “AI” constantly produce new music based on what is popular and just copyright everything so when I actually come up with something unique a AI will have already made it for some company.


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