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Are Spotify’s troubles about to get a LOT worse?

Why was Paul McCartney trending on Twitter on Saturday? Maybe because of this Spotify-related rumour.

A spin around Twitter will uncover rumours that the Foo Fighters are also thinking about bailing.

True or not? I guess we’ll see.

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9 thoughts on “Are Spotify’s troubles about to get a LOT worse?

  • Nope. One of the only tech giants not stiflng free speech. Short term pain for long term gain. People will realize you can say stupid stuff as lo g as it sounds a not hate. Seems like the us of a has a few double standards to their free nation. Your free to say what you want as long as it is not hate speech, some stink hate speech is protected, it’s not. And if you have a following then you lose the right to free speech and must be careful what you say. It hilarious how stupid this is. If you don’t like Joe don’t listen to him. Of you follow everything Joe says that not his fault. He’s said many disclaimers about not listening to himself.

  • When misinformation about a killer virus is spread by an entertainment podcast that lower level people believe in, that’s called accessory to murder.

  • This is not about free speech. Right wing haters like to hide behind what they call free speech, but only when it refers to what they consider their free speech.

    When dangerous misinformation is disseminated, that is not protected speech; that is criminal behavior.

    Now, if you want to listen to a lowlife Trumper babble his BS, go right ahead, but stop banging the free speech drum.

  • Lower level people!

    From deplorable Mary Hilary Clinton Sanderson.

  • Spotify Free uses predatory tactics to irritate users towards paying for Premium. First, ads come without warning. This is by design to be mildly shocking to users, so no 5 second warning like YouTube which allows you to at least mute ads before they begin. Ads suddenly play for Crest toothpaste play with loud dentists’ drills sounds in your ears easily qualify as noise torture, plus the nearly spam levels of popups all day, every day to upgrade to Premium. In Norway and England for example, Spotify senses your location when you land and switches to nicer voices in the ads and I didn’t hear anything specfically designed to torture users but as soon as I got back to Canada, it’s all ads turned up 30% louder with vocal fry voices, abrasive, cutting, obnoxious sounding talk, not funny and things such as the dentists’s drill ads. I’ve contacted Spotify Support and told them to escalate this to their CEO. I think long time free users such as myself (since 2015) deserve monetary compensation and Premium, free for life. I also think we should demand Spotify admit wrongdoing as the application is so obviously engineered to torture users into paying for Premium, it can only be considered predatory and probably illegal.

  • can someone tell me what joe said besides letting people talk?did he say it was fake or not real?he let people speak there mind and thats a crime now….sounds like censorship to me

  • “That lower level people believe in . . .” — You are not “part” of the problem. You ARE the problem.

  • Rogan is part of a growing problem called “misinformation”. On the subject of vaccinations, most of his guests are against adopting the strongest weapon that humanity has (vaccines) against this viral scourge.
    He doesn’t challenge the misinformation spouted by these guests, and when he does have a legitimate science-based person on, he bombards them with all the pseudo-scientific arguments made by his anti-vax guests. He’s smart enough not to say that he recommends against vaccination and he claims to lay out all the information and rely on the old disclaimer of “You have to decide for yourself but I know what works for me.” He has started adopting the very same strategy for climate change by having someone on his show who is clearly without a hot clue about climate science and climate modelling and uttered a cascade of absolute nonsense. At the best of times Jordan Peterson’s abstruse, rightist theories on a kaleidoscope of subjects are merely mildly annoying. However, his proclamation that “climate doesn’t even exist” takes the cake for anti-scientific political right-wing stupidity. And Rogan does very little to challenge this nonsense either. Why? Because it all fits neatly into who his audience is and what they want to hear. And now a growing group of musicians with an actual conscience led by Neil Young are taking a stand against this anti-scientific drivel and both Rogan and Spotify are starting to soil their collective pants because it’$ all about the Benjamin$ baby.

  • Joe’s main problem is that he needs an editor. Good lord, I make a lot of mistakes texting and I am ok with that but not even with my laziness would I post something on a site so full of errors.


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