Are These the World’s Most Exclusive (Read: Expensive) Headphones?

Precious little is known about Sennheiser’s special 70th anniversary headphones. They don’t have a model designation or name nor has any price been announced. In fact, only a handful of people have permitted to see them let alone actually hear what they sound like. Take a look.



What we see above are the headphones, a dedicated tube amp and a podium/base made of Carrara marble. According to those who have been briefed on them, the cans have a frequency response of 8 Hz-100,000 Hz. That is NOT a typo. To put things in perspective, only bats with exceptionally good hearing could perceive the upper end of that scale.

If you’re going to lay out this kind of dosh for a set of headphones ($10,000? $25,000? $50,000?), you’re not listening to MP3s as source material. Sennheiser has reported commissioned some special recordings in 9.1 (again, NOT a typo) just to demonstrate what these things can do.

Curious? I am. More at Digital Trends.

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