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Are we getting a brand new album from Kate Bush this fall? Hear me out.

Kate Bush is all the rage today, thanks to the resurrection of “Running Up That Hill” via Stranger Things. In a perfect world, she’d capitalize on this new wave of popularity by releasing new music. But that’s never going to happen, right? The last time we got an album of new material from Kate was Aerial back in 2005, so there’s no reason to expect anything new from her.

Hang on.

A site called Muspy that tracks new releases (via a tip from reader Ruins) says that a new Kate Bush album entitled Hidden Pearls will be available on November 7. Here’s a screenshot.

I have so many questions.

  • Is this real?
  • If so, will this record contain new material?
  • Or with a title like Hidden Pearls, could this be a collection of unreleased tracks from her archives?
  • Again, is this real? Or am I missing something?

Theories welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Are we getting a brand new album from Kate Bush this fall? Hear me out.

  • We got “50 Words for Snow” in 2011…

  • It isn’t anything, unfortunately. The date format used on Muspy means the release date is July 11th rather than November 7th. This website lists “Hidden Pearls” as her “latest release” (it isn’t) with a date of July 11th and it’s just 33 of her old songs

    Doesn’t appear to be an official release. I believe a new album may still be coming, but it isn’t Hidden Pearls.

  • 50 word for snow came out I 2011. 6 years after Areial.

    plus the 4 LP live Album ( and cd and download) Before the Dawn, while being live Interpretations of her catalogue. Tawney Moon waS a brand new Track added to Sky of Honey. ( Nov 2016 )

    So it seem Almost a negative comment that her last album was in 2005. Who knows if and When a new album will show up. part of the Kate Experience is the anticipation.

  • There is a playlist on lastfm titled this and sharing the same (old) photo. It’s just all of her old b-sides and off-album tracks. So … no, not a forthcoming album.


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