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Are You into EDM? Then You Need These Car Stereo Tips.

5 Car Audio Tips Every EDM Fan Needs To Know

EDM fans want their bass and they want it now. The problem is that most factory car audio systems simply can’t deliver. If you want to experience the killer highs and chest-rattling lows of Disclosure or Dillon Francis during your morning commute, you’re going to have to make a few after-market adjustments. You might be tempted to head to your nearest car audio shop and just ask for the biggest sub and loudest speaker they’ve got, but a little restraint might actually help you to hear every dimension of your favorite tracks. Here are a few tips for turning your ride into a mobile dance party.

Replace the Speakers

No matter what kind of music you’re into, a set of brand name speakers is always going to offer a more sophisticated audio experience than the chintzy dinner plates that were installed by the car manufacturer. Unlike factory speakers which provide a muddled, single-driver sound, a set of Polk or Kenwood speakers is going to have multiple drivers for low, high and mid-range sound. They are also made of higher quality materials that can handle a Deadmau5-fueled cross country trip with ease. EDM aficionados should seriously consider a three-way speaker setup, which moves the mid-range drive to its own speaker for a more lush sound.

Invest In a Sub

Obviously, you want to hear (and feel) the full effect of EDM’s bass-heavy sound. A subwoofer is key to capturing those lower octaves, and can lighten the load on the rest of your system. If you plan on riding the bass particularly hard, consider investing in a capacitor. Your car’s electrical system wasn’t designed with Major Lazer in mind. A capacitor acts as your battery’s sidekick, storing up auxiliary power to meet your sub’s demands.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Sound systems are a great perk to your car, but consider a hands-free option where you can change stations or switch tracks via voice command or a button on your steering wheel. Distracted drivers are three times more likely to be in an accident than attentive drivers and distracted drivers account for 80 percent of collisions and 65 percent of near-crashes. Stay up to date on the latest road laws and keep your attention on the road, even if you’re enjoying your music in the process. There’s nothing that ruins a party faster than blinking lights in the rear view mirror, or worse, a car accident.

Avoid Compression Depression

A top of the line car audio system isn’t going to make low quality audio sound like high quality audio. In fact, a well-tuned system is most likely going to accentuate the compressed, watered down sound of low bit rate MP3 files. Audio compression works by trimming the high and low frequencies out of a sound wave. This isn’t a big deal when you’re listening to music on a crappy alarm clock radio, but it just isn’t going to cut it once you’ve upgraded your car’s audio system. If you must use MP3s, accept nothing less than a bit rate of 300. Optimally, you should stick with CD quality WAV files or, better yet, lossless FLAC.

Don’t Contend with Road Noise

Most drivers don’t realize just how much road noise is leaking into their cars, but it becomes immediately apparent when you install a high-end audio system, crank the volume up, and still hear the perpetual howl of the road beneath your feet. You really can’t use too much Dynatape, which is designed to seal seams and holes while also keeping your audio wiring neat and organized. Hushmats and breaker kits are also a necessity for bass-loving EDM fans, because there’s nothing that can kill a vibe faster that the annoying rattle of metal on metal when the beat drops.

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  • Yes, you are right that most EDM fans like to increase their bass as they want 100% from their car audio system. As you talked about the most 5 important topics. From my point I think replacing car speaker & upgrading the car audio system is the most working method. Those things gives you the super fresh experience from your car audio system. To do that you need to know about the best car speakers out there in the market.

  • Car audio shop and just ask for the biggest sub and loudest speaker they’ve got, but a little restraint might actually help you to hear every dimension of your favorite tracks.


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