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Everything is Connected 28 March 2013

March 28th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected. This week we go from an incredible songwriter and composer from Australia to an 80's pop punk hero.

I've been on a bit of a Nick Cave kick this week.  I got the chance to see Cave and the Bad Seeds live and following that I ended up watching the film Lawless which had Nick as a screen writer and it is there we begin this week's chain of connections.

The soundtrack to Lawless, a film about bootlegging in the 1930's, was created by Cave and Bad Seed / Grinderman regular Warren Ellis. What really struck me about this sound track is while the songs were all performed in a bluegrass / country / roots music style, a number of the tunes were actually covers of fairly modern songs like White Light, White Heat (Velvet Underground) and Cosmonaut (At The Drive-In). Now what also caught my eye was one of the other participants in the soundtrack, Mark Lanegan.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Live In Toronto (23/03/13)

March 26th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

"Great to see you guys but I've got to run."

"Us to, we're off to see Nick Cave at Massy Hall."

"Awesome, I just met the children's choir that is singing with him. Have a good one."

It was about fifteen minutes after the doors had opened for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds and my friend Evan and I had just ran into my best friend Gavin while hurrying to the venue. In a quick hello, Gavin had completely thrown off our expectations of the show.

Nick Cave was using a children's choir?

I have been wanting to see the Bad Seeds ever since I had caught a glimpse of their show during some festival played on Much Music in the early to  mid 90's. Watching what seemed to be a lounge act from Hell perform in suits in the middle of the day at a completely frantic pace just grabbed me.

Over a decade later, I was blown away.

More Music From the Inbox (CMW 2013 Edition): Reptile Youth, Wildlife, Lowell, Frantic Sunday and Pick A Piper.

March 18th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Reptile Youth “Speeddance”

Straight up, Reptile Youth is a go hard or go home band. They’re brash and heavy, electric and sweaty, and completely designed for crowd participation. You’re gunna love these guys.

Sounds like: Catch Reptile Youth at both Annex Live and the Gladstone Hotel during CMW 2013.


New Music From The Inbox (SXSW Edition): Peter Peter, The Howlin’ Brothers, Scanners, HAERTS, Radiation City

March 11th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Juliette Jagger

Artist:  Peter Peter "Tout Prend Sons Sense Dans Le Miroir"
Une Version Amelioree De La Tristesse

The keys on this song are so damn good ­– makes me want to hang my head and dance barefoot on the wood floor. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you speak a lick of French, this song’s a repeater.

Sounds like: Catch Montreal’s Peter Peter at the Swan Dive during SXSW 2013.


New Music From The Inbox: Othello Woolf, Hey Brother, Brad Example, The Martyr Index & The Cheap Speakers

February 18th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Juliette Jagger

Artist: Othello Woolf, "Odysseus"

The thing that this new wave of R&B artists have is that they understand how evoke a turn on. They don’t tell us that the song’s meant to be sexy, they just provide the groove for us to pick up on.

Sounds like:
Gettin hooked.

Link/Listen/Watch: Stream it here.

Top Ten Not So Great Grammy Moments

February 8th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

I'm not an awards show person. The only reason I've watched the Oscars was due to a head injury that happened to be on the same day and that's what was on in the waiting room (the bright side of this trip was that I got a cat scan so I have seen what my brain looks like). The same goes for the Grammys. Haven't watched in years, mainly due it being fairly boring.

But every once and a while, there are some notable... issues with the telecast. And that's what we are going to celebrate today. Those people who won for categories they shouldn't have, people saying really dumb things at the podium, those weird events that we remember but don't have a lot to do with music. This is our Top Ten Not So Great Grammy Moments!

10) Justin Timberlake's Apology

This occurred after Justin and Janet's "Nipplegate" Super Bowl controversy, what makes this crappy is the need to do this at the Grammys as opposed to just a written statement. IT WAS A BOOB, AMERICA, GET OVER IT!

Everything is Connected 7 February 2013

February 7th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected, where we use the force of pop culture knowledge to explore the galaxies of music trivia.

In the last few weeks, a constant entertainment item that pops up is Star Wars. Since Disney bought the property from George Lucas, we've heard from tons of people who are involved in the films, have been involved in the past films, people who want to be in the new ones and people who were in the originals and prequels but one of the guys who hasn't said much was prequel Obi Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor.

Of course that might be due to Ewan's spot as a actor with a career outside the galaxy far far away. He's been involved with a few music related movies like Moulin Rouge! and a small often overlooked film, Velvet Goldmine where McGregor plays Curt Wild. Wild's background is based off of another wild man of rock, Iggy Pop.

Top Ten Songs I Never Want To Hear Again

February 1st, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

When I put together these top ten lists, I try to be objective. I realise that there is a lot of good and talented musicians in the world who just aren’t for me. The Tragically Hip for instance. I know a lot of people who like them , I can tell by the lyrics and musical arrangements that there is a large amount of talent at work in the band, they just don’t appeal to my musical sensibilities.

But, with today’s list, I ditch the objective hat and put on my venom helmet and spew hatred towards some music that should never be heard again. In the case of this list it’s based on a combination of over saturation, quality and general fire born hatred. It’s personally biased but for the most part, if you’re reading this, I imagine you will agree with me that these are the Top Ten Songs That I Never Want To Hear Ever Again! (Please note, these are my opinions and not necessarily those of Alan Cross or this website)

Everything is Connected 31 January 2013

January 31st, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected, where we delve into the mysteries of rock trivia and spelunk pop culture trivia for a puzzle box of awesome. This week’s theme finds us going through a few people doing things that they aren’t really known for. We go from hardboiled fiction to song writing royalty to alternative statesman and even a Cosby kid thrown in there and a modern rock hero.

One of the reasons I write these is because I love following clues and mysteries. I love mystery novels and crime fiction and one of my all time favorite writers is a guy named Andrew Vachss. His novels are more modern pulp or crime fiction than anything else and they are great reads. As with most great writers, a lot of Vachss passions bleed on to his pages including Vachss love of the blues. His most popular character, Burke, listens to the blues, songs get mentioned in various novels, Vachss has even tried his hand at song writing.

Top 10 Two-Parter Songs

January 25th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

It’s hard to write one good song. Try it some time. What’s even harder is writing two good songs. Especially two good songs that go together. That flow into one another. These are songs that more often than not, get played back to back on the radio or it’s one song in two different parts.  So thanks to our loyal reader Norm Dykstra – Swain’s suggestion, we have the Top Ten Two Parters of All Time!

10) Jane’s Addicition & Diamanda Galas – Sex is Violent

Taken from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, this is almost a mash up of the JA classic Ted, Just Admit It and Diamanda’s take on the classic I Put A Spell On You. But both songs are in two distinct parts until the very end of the track but yet very complimentary.

Everything is Connected 24 January 2013

January 24th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

By Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected, where we prove that everything is connected. This week we connect  the original famous lip synchers with the possible new one.

Whenever someone like Beyonce gets slapped

with the “lip synching” comment, inevitably the next people who get brought up are Millli Vanilli.

Milli Vanilli were the product of German producer Frank Farian who was also behind Boney M. The short version of the story is Farian assembled a group of studio musicians to make the music featured on Milli Vanilli’s albums but then got two German dancers to play the part of the band in public.

While everyone is quick to dismiss them as a joke but the story of Milli Vanilli is actually a pretty sad one. And it’s a story that might be coming to the big screen. And the man who may be helping to bring that movie to screen? Jeff Nathanson.

Top 10 Bands That Survived a Change of Frontman

January 18th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

by Brent Chittenden

I was kind of surprised to hear the news of Adam Gontier leaving Three Days Grace. I’m not a fan by any stretch but I do have a healthy respect for them. They tour, they try to grow, they’re just not my thing which is okay. 

Given their Facebook press release, it appears that Three Days Grace are planning on continuing onward which can be a tough row to hoe. Fans tend to look to the frontman as kind of the logo for the band, someone that’s instantly recognisable with the band. When you change that logo, fans sometimes can veer off.

But the TDG guys should take note, there are a number of bands that lived through their lead singer leaving, some even went on to more success. With that in mind, here is the Top Ten Bands That Survived Frontmen Changes!

10) Joy Division / New Order

I almost wasn’t going to put this one in here because technically it’s a different band BUT one you look at it, New Order did essentially what AC/DC did. After Ian Curtis committed suicide, the band soldier onwards. Given how important Curtis was to Joy Division, it’s pretty amazing that New Order not only did well but did spectacularly well.

Everything is Connected: 17 Janurary 2013

January 17th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

Welcome to Everything is Connected, where we take the minutia of pop culture trivia and minutia it even more. This week we connect a masked rock star with a  historical gunfight,one of the world’s greatest mustaches and a Toronto bluesman and an Englishman who’s set at Woodstock is now legend.

Corey Taylor is a guy who’s work I appreciate very much. I’m a big fan of both Slipknot and Stone Sour and being a comic nerd, I’m looking forward to his comic book series from Dark Horse Comics.

Corey was born and raised mainly in Iowa.  While sinking further into my wikihole, I discovered that Iowa does have a pletera of celebrities from all walks of life. Comic artist Geof Darrow,  actress Kate Mulgrew (from Star Trek Voyager), but one of the more interesting names to stick out at me was Morgan Earp.

Morgan is the slightly lesser known brother of legendary old west lawman, Wyatt Earp. Morgan had moved to Tombstone along with his brother Virgil and Wyatt and ended up being the law in town. This ended up with the historic Gunfight at the Ok Corral between The Earps, former dentist Doc Holiday and a gang known as The Cowboys.

This conflict eventually lead to the end of Morgan’s life as he was assassinated by associates of the Cowboys. Much of this conflict is covered in the great (but not incredibly accurate) film, Tombstone. Morgan was played by previous EiC player Bill Paxton. Wyatt was portrayed by Kurt Russell and Virgil was portrayed by a man with an awesome mustache, Sam Elliot.

Neil Gaiman to Perform on a Ukulele! (for a good cause too)

January 12th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

Cancer sucks. There is a good chance that you know someone or yourself has been affected by the diseases.

Science fiction author Jay Lake unfortunately knows this all to well. Jay has prostate cancer and things are not looking incredibly bright but there is the possibility that mapping his genome but lead to a path of treatment that just might help pull him through. It's a very small chance and sadly, this is expensive.

But Jay is a well loved man in the sci fi / fantasy community and a bunch of his friends have donated "Acts of Whimsey" once certain levels of fundraising have been reached. For instance, writer Paul Cornell (who worked on some really good Doctor Who episodes and a fantastic series for DC Comics called Knight and Squire) set out to tackle Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights if the fundraiser reached $4000.

Top Ten Unknown (or at Least Lesser-Known) David Bowie Songs

January 11th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

[Another list by resident obsessive list-maker, Brent Chittenden. - AC]

Okay, unknown might be stretching it a little but here’s the deal. David Bowie released a new song this week and we thought it might be a good idea to shed some light on the other Bowie tracks. Bowie has such a rich back catalogue that Bowie Bonds were issued in 1997.

Basically it was a bond investment based on royalties on his back catalogue with the idea that they would always sell x amount of copies (now granted this bond is now a little lower on the scale due to the digital revolution but still...), that’s how strong his back catalogue is!

So let’s take a look at the songs that aren’t "Space Oddity" or "Rebel Rebel." Here are the Top Ten Unknown David Bowie Songs!

10) I’m Afraid of Americans

I hesitated putting this one on the list just because it’s a song all of my friends and I like which kind of says that it was “known” or a hit but I imagine there’s a huge number of people that never heard this song or saw the awesome video above.

Everything is Connected: 10 January 2013

January 10th, 2013 | by Brent Chittenden

[Brent Chittenden does his connect-the-dots thing again.  Hey, someone has to keep track of this stuff. - AC]

Welcome to another edition of Everything is Connected, where we roll the dice of music trivia and sometimes end up with a natural twenty in pop culture trivia. This week we go from the thin white duke to godmothers of R&B.

David Bowie announced this week that he is releasing a new album in March. While many people are surprised, if you've been following Alan's posts over the past few months, you knew that all the signs pointed to something on the way. What did surprise me was the fact that his son Duncan had a hand in the announcement.

Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones (called Zowie Bowie in his very early years) has become quite the filmmaker in the past few years. His first outing, Moon, was a great film especially amongst those of us who like our sci fi flicks with a solid plot.

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