Axl Rose just saved the world from being destroyed by an asteroid. Sort of.

Let me begin by saying that this is the slowest time of the year for music news. Seriously slow. But because I’ve never missed a posting day since this website began back in 2011, I refuse to admit defeat even when it seems like there is absolutely nothing to talk about.

This brings me to an item on Axl Rose.

If we go back to Christmas Eve and an animated series called New Looney Tunes, an animated Axl (it might or might not actually be Axl voicing Axl, but never mind) appears with Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig as an extinction-level asteroid heads towards Earth. (Side note: The guys in GNR are big Looney Tunes fans. Remember how they opened their Not in This Lifetime tour?)

Axl, however, has just purchases some new kick-ass speakers. Bugs proposes they point them to the sky and turn them up loud enough to pulverize the asteroid. Axl and Bugs’ band (they were the scheduled openers at his show) launch into a hitherto unknown song called “Rock the Rock.”

Question: Is this a new Axl Rose song? It sounds like it could be something he wrote during his stint with AC/DC. If it is new, it’s the first new thing Axl has done since Chinese Democracy in 2000. Just sayin’.

Thank you to Ultimate Classic Rock for helping me keep the streak alive.

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