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Band Tries to Take Back Swastika from the Nazis. It Probably Won’t Work.

Students of Nazi history will know that Hitler and his henchmen appropriated the swastika symbol from ancient civilizations from the Indus Valley civilization which thrived in what’s now Afghanistan and Pakistan about four thousand years ago.  It was also found in India, Korea, Japan, China, Iran and half a dozen other countries to signify “it is good” or something similar. The Nazis spectacularly perverted that, of course.

Now comes Coldwar, an Irish punk band led by Trevor LcLave (yes, that’s how you spell his name).  Trev is trying to make a statement about the noble and ancient history of the swastika by tattooing on his neck and face.


“The swastika was stolen by the Nazi ,” the band says, “The symbol is thousands of years old, used by many cultures and has different meanings.  Trevor is part of a group that is trying to reclaim the swastika symbol. He has many types of swastika symbols on his body.”

They’re not wrong, but they’re probably going to lose this one.  And Trev will probably be beaten up more than once by history students whose knowledge doesn’t go back further than 1933.

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