This Band Does Ukulele Covers of Blink 182. Seriously.

Cover songs can go one of two ways: really, really cool and a new take on a popular song, or a near carbon-copy version. Recently there was an Indian classical music version of the Game of Thrones theme song. There’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to metal versions of just about everything. Now, there’s Blink 182kulele, who just released an album of ukulele versions of Blink-182’s music.

The 10-track album, The Pineapple Above (Horse Around Rodeo Clown; Muscle to Jimmy Russia), not only features the ukulele, but also synthesized steel drums. The lyrics and melodies are the same, but the speed has been relaxed into a reggae-like tempo. This gives the pop-punk trio’s music a decidedly island feel.

Not only does this album have Blink’s hits, but it also includes the pop-punk band’s latest “Built This Pool”. Additionally, Alkaline Trio’s “Olde English 800”, Tumbledown’s “I’m Not Hungover”, and Dent May’s “I’m An Alcoholic” are also featured.

Casey Cole, the talent behind Blink 182kulele, told the origins of the band and why he decided to release an album:

“I threw the idea around years ago, just because the name was so cheesy (as was the concept in general)…These songs were recorded at a leisurely pace over the past 6 months. I put up a cover of “Bored To Death” the day the band released it, and it got like 10,000 plays over 48 hours, so I figured if people would listen to it, I might as well release an album”.

Cole regularly plays gigs in his hometown Indianapolis and says he is positive that he will release another album before the end of the year. And why did he choose to focus mainly on Blink-182 covers?

“In all honesty, probably because nothing else was as punny as Blink 182kulele. Reggae Lamontagne. Sum Orty-FUN. I mean, I looked for others”.

You can download Blink 182kulele’s Bandcamp for a “name-your-price” donation.

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