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Bandcamp brings back #BuyMusicFriday on June 5th

Bandcamp, a service geared at giving artists and labels the opportunity to share and earn money from their music and allow fans to discover and enjoy new tunes is doing their part to support artists in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bandcamp announced that it was waiving its share of revenue for the first Friday of each month until July. The 10%-15% revenue Bandcamp typically makes from sales will go directly to the artists producing the music.

The first Friday of the month is being coined #NewMusicFriday for fans to share their discoveries. The next Bandcamp artist support day will be on June 5th. #NewMusicFriday is great way to discover new music and support artists during this challenging time. This campaign is a way where music lovers are encouraged to buy music (not just from Bandcamp) on Fridays, instead of only streaming. So use your favourite music service on June 5th and purchase some music to support the industry!

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