Bauhaus/Love and Rockets Bass Man Releases His Memoirs

David J - Who Killed Mr Moonlight

David J’s look back at his career with Bauhaus and Love and Rockets was released yesterday. From the press release:

“I was compelled to write this book,” says founding member David J. Haskins.  “It took seven years to finish. Every day at noon I would sit down at my desk in the old 1920‘s haunted apartment building in Hollywood and write for two hours solid, take a break and then resume for a further hour. It all came pouring out. The highs, the lows, the passion, the naiveté, the hubris, the audacity, the poetry, the violence, the gallows humour, the insanity, the recklessness, the inspiration, the commercial suicide, the hedonism, the turmoil, the delirium, the genius, the shadows and the dazzling bright white light.

 Venturing back into that deep and often very dark cave was a daunting enterprise but as I said, one was compelled. I had no agenda other than to tell the truth from my point of view. I am aware that some of the content is sensitive and harrowing in the extreme but if you do not tell the whole story then, well, it is simply not the whole story. It is my sincere hope that the compassion and empathy which I know informed the telling will come across to the reader and by book’s end, the complex dynamic which existed in this seminal band of beautiful but damned brothers will be understood in a clear new light.”

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