Beats Headphones Given a Red Card at the World Cup

When it comes to a global event like the World Cup, licensing deals are taken very seriously.  If a sponsor pays big, big dollars to be included, then they expect FIFA to enforce the exclusivity for which they’ve paid.

In the case of Sony, they want to make sure their brand will be seen and not that of anyone else.  That’s why FIFA has banned any players from wearing Beats headphones while on the field.  England’s Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez of Uruguay and Neymar of Brazil are all Beats fans and have often been seen on the sidelines on their pro squads listening to music on those distinctive Beats ‘phones.  Fine, but not at the World Cup.

But you have to give it to Beats for their relentless innovative marketing schemes.  They tried the same thing (with considerable success) at the 2012 Olympics when they sent thousands of sets gratis to thousands of athletes who were then spotted wearing them at the various events.

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2 thoughts on “Beats Headphones Given a Red Card at the World Cup

  • June 20, 2014 at 2:33 am

    If it were me, I’d tell Sony to pony up some of their “excellent” headphones or STFU and mind their own f*%king business. It’s not the players fault that Sony sucks boil-covered arse. I would ignore what Sony wants and stick with what you like, period. I’m just sayin’… \m/ \m/

  • June 20, 2014 at 9:22 am

    I find it very odd that players are sitting on the sidelines with headphones on in the first place! Is it not a team sport?! How do you partake in the game/sport while rocking out in your own little world? It’s a major sporting event, not a subway ride! Yeesh.


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