Being in a Metal Band in Iran is Enough to Get You EXECUTED. The Tale of Confess.

Metal is the most resilient of all forms of rock. You will find it everywhere on the planet, even places where playing it carries the death penalty. Places like Iran.

Revolver reports on Confess, a three-piece Iranian metal band, two of whom were all arrested last November and charged with blasphemy, various atheistic behaviours”forming and running an illegal underground band and record label,” “advertising against the system” (what?) and submitting to illegal interviews with foreign radio stations. The result was several months in solitary confinement and more than $30,000 USD in legal fees.

They’re still fighting the charges, the most serious of which is blasphemy. If found guilty on that, they face execution. Execution!.

All their email addresses and web presence have been seized by the Iranian government, although their Facebook page still seems to be active.

Here’s what the band sounds like. This could have you killed by the government if you live in Tehran.



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