Blink-182’s (?) Tom DeLonge: “I’ve Had Contact with Aliens!

And he means extraterrestrials, xenomorphs and assorted off-world beings, not some guy from Tijuana with a leaf blower. Tom maintains that the truth is out there and that he already believes. From Papermag:

He’s become a self-styled academic on the subject and launched a website, Strange Times, dedicated to exposing the truth of what he calls “the phenomenon.” He’s spent more than two decades getting laughed at for his theories, but with both NASA and the Vatican allowing that humanity might soon find evidence of extraterrestrial life, DeLonge is feeling mighty vindicated these days. A few weeks before he publicly clashed with the other members of Blink-182 about his commitment to the band, we called him at his office. We heard about mind control, a camping trip to Area 51 and how to look beyond popular conspiracy theories to the “third story.”

When did you first believe in the existence of aliens? How did this all start?

What’s funny, two decades ago when I got into this, it was such a “the world is flat” scenario, and here’s Tom running around about UFOs and they’d just laugh it off. But now, NASA is holding symposiums on the inevitability of finding life in the universe. The Vatican is talking about, yes, there’s life out there, and how it interferes or doesn’t interfere with the church’s view of existence.


You have to understand, I’ve been involved in this for a long time. I have sources from the government. I’ve had my phone tapped. I’ve done a lot of weird stuff in this industry — people wouldn’t believe me if I told them. But this is what happens when you start getting on an email chains with hundreds of scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and different universities around the country, and you start outing seniors scientists from Lockheed Martin talking about the reality of this stuff, guys that hold 30 patents, guys that work underground out in the Nevada test sites in Area 51. It goes far beyond just saying, “Hey, that little light in the sky, that’s a little green man.” That doesn’t lend the right gravity to the topic.

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