Bob Weir to Speak at Einstein Legacy Project

This Sunday, May 15, The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir will be in Toronto for The Einstein Legacy Project. Hosted by Anderson Cooper, Weir will be giving a talk and an exclusive performance at the gala event.

The Einstein Legacy Project “is an initiative that celebrates 100 years of the Theory of Relativity, but also Einstein’s legacy on the globe.” The project is also doing other things around the world such as building the world’s first Einstein Museum, publishing the world’s first 3D printed book called Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, and the Dinner of the Century fundraiser to celebrate the book. The Einstein Legacy Project also runs the Next Einstein competition where applicants send in their innovative ideas to change the world. Last year’s winner was a 13 year-old from Alberta who had an idea for a prosthetic arm.

The Einstein Legacy Project is being held at the Carlu in downtown Toronto. Tickets are still available to see Bob Weir speak and perform here.

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